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To prolong the beauty of your wood furniture and accessories bought from our store, please follow these simple care procedures:- Never place your furniture in direct sunlight and/or a damp area. The sun’s rays may cause discoloration or fading of the wood finish.

Arrange your furniture in such a way that it is not placed in front of an overheating or air conditioning vents.

Also, avoid exposing your furniture to excessively low or high humidity or extreme temperature variations.

Avoid placing furniture directly under windows.

Be careful not to place rubber or plastic materials on your furniture as certain rubber and plastics have ingredients that may react with and damage the finish.

Occasionally change your furniture and accessories settings so they do not remain in the same spot for extended periods.

To prevent marks on your furniture, always place a coaster, felt pads, cloth or leather under your accessories.

Always try to lift the objects from the top surface rather than dragging them while moving them.

Use a protective pad when using your furniture as a writing surface to avoid damage to your furniture surface.

For the wood surfaces, use a soft cloth to dust work surfaces and always wipe with the grain.

For maintenance of wooden furniture, we recommend using "MANSION WAX" with a soft cloth.

Liquid spills on the furniture should be wiped up immediately with a soft, damp cloth.

Be careful not to spill alcohol, perfume, after-shave and some medicines, as they can cause severe damage to the finish.

Avoid placing heavy objects on the furniture.

We recommend that wood furniture is to be polished every six to eight months.


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